Our mission and our vision

Child first and foremost! We believe that quality child care facilitates the healthy growth and overall development of the child.

At LPE we believe that a high quality child care facilitates the healthy growth and development of the ‘whole’ child. We believe that all children are different and unique; our environment accepts and encourages children to express their full potential in all aspects of their development. Our program reflects the belief that through children’s natural curiosity to explore their environment, we create a setting that firstly engages and then stimulates physical, social, emotional and cognitive development with a goal of maximizing their potential.

Each classroom provides a child-centered environment with a wide range of materials and developmentally appropriate activities, which allow the child to create, manipulate, explore, and discover according to their particular and unique interests. We believe that our Excellence educational program (inspired by Reggio Emilia and High/Scope approach) offers each child a balance of challenging, stimulating experiences, and experiences that are warm and secure.

  • We believe learning happens through positive relationships, exploration, welcoming, clean & well organized, inviting and aesthetic environments that appeals to children.
  • We believe play is integral to children’s learning and essential to quality of life in childhood. Exploration and play are a child’s primary way of understanding the world. Children are agents of their own learning, actively building knowledge, skills, dispositions, and feelings.
  • We believe that for the child to feel accepted and loved is to have a partnership with LPE families and supports opportunities for collaboration with the daycare, thus family participation is encouraged in our magical place called “home away from home”.

Therefore, we embrace respect an open communication and encourage acceptance that we are all different but the same. Our compassionate dedicated staff are advocates for children and their families. They are well-trained, nurturing and loving individuals who are working for the best interest and well-being of each child in our center. While parents appreciate the convenience of having a quality childcare next to their workplace; children benefit from a “seamless” day with early learning and care programs designed just for them.

LPE Team is committed to providing the best quality care possible. We feel the family home environment fosters love and acceptance and our center is an extension of the family unit.  Our multi-age environment cultivates a healthy social atmosphere.