Educational Program

Our CPE is committed to providing a bilingual enriching program that is welcoming, fun, exciting, stimulating, and that satisfies the children’s desire to explore and discover!

Reggio-Emilia inspired classrooms are project-based: lessons are based on the interest of children.  If a child’s interest is on a certain subject and they ask the educators questions about a given topic, the educator will engage each child to learn for themselves, rather than just answering questions.  The children learn curriculum through exploration and projects to tailor the learning to their interests. Children learn all about cooperation through the many projects, particularly how to solve problems and resolve conflicts.

Montessori method is to allow children to learn at their own pace and works in conjunction with how the classrooms are arranged.  The method has lots of concrete learning.  Children work with a wide range of concrete materials, including manipulatives, which are self-correcting puzzles.  This concrete learning tools tends to engage many of one’s senses.  The concepts of letter recognition, language, math, and sciences are learned by very hands-on activities. This can improve memory and reasoning, and inspire a love of learning.

  • Both approaches are child-centered: Children are front and center;
  • Both approaches have lots of interaction;
  • Both approaches aim to promote a love of learning;
  • Both approaches give children lots of freedom to choose their own activities.

Our CPE is staffed by professional Early Childhood Educators. We are proud to be certified in using the classroom Observation Tool (CLASS).  New to this year we incorporated this component and it is being implemented, which focuses on effective interactions between the educator and the child which has been proven to promote children’s social and cognitive development.